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 If you have cloudy, yellow, unsafe headlights on your vehicle, don't replace them, have them restored to a clear, like new condition,  at your home or work, at your convenience.
Only $60!!
Both lights, any vehicle, regardless of condition.
 Guaranteed for 2 years!
Don't waste money on D.I.Y. kits and car wash restorations.
Professional restoration is just a phone call away.

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 Don't replace, restore!
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 Lightsavers Mobile Headlight Restoration will restore the cloudy, yellow headlights on your vehicle to clear, like new condition in about an hour.
 Working throughout the Bay area, our goal is to provide customers with a convenient, safe, reliable headlight restoration service. 
We cater to our customers. 
We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work or pay nothing.
Why headlights become cloudy and yellow :
 Most vehicles manufactured after 1980 have headlight lenses made of polycarbonate, a very durable plastic.  Polycarbonate headlight lenses have a clear coating on them.  Unfortunately, if your vehicle spends a lot of time in the sun, the coating will start to degrade in a few years or less.  The clear coat that is supposed to protect your lenses, actually degrades in the sun and begins to yellow and become cloudy.  Dust and dirt is actually getting stuck in the degraded clear coating.  In extreme cases the coating will begin to seperate from the lense and flake off.  On most vehicles, side marker lights and tail lights maintain their original clarity while only the headlights become cloudy and yellow.  This is because only headlights have the "protective" clear coat.  Ever see yellowing tail lights?
Why restore your headlights?
 Yellow, cloudy lenses not only look bad, but also create a serious safety issue when driving at night or in the rain.  Damaged headlight lenses can lose up to 75% of their light output, making it hard for you to see, and worse, hard for other drivers to see you.  Professional headlight restoration will bring back the original optical clarity, and light output for a fraction of the cost of new lights.
What is the restoration process?
  Professional headlight restoration involves safely removing all of the damaged clear coat by hand, polishing the lens until clear, then applying a high gloss polymer sealant wax.  No clear coating necessary.  Any clear coating applied to your headlights will degrade faster than the original, and will require another full restoration.  Headlights without clear coating are easily cleaned and should maintain their clarity as long as you regularly wash your vehicle.  All work is done without removing the headlights from the vehicle.  No mess, no clean up.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!
 Lightsavers guarantees you will be 100% satisfied with your restored headlights.  If your restored headlights begin to fade or yellow within 2 years of original restoration, we will repair your lights for free, no questions asked.
 Trust only an experienced, qualified professional with your headlight restoration. LIGHTSAVERS
Mobile Headlight Restoration.
(408) 464-1482
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